Mr. Afmeged

   Mr. Afmeged, the resilient architect behind Vitality Health and Wellness Services, Inc. (Vitality Public Health), has fearlessly reshaped the narrative surrounding challenges and stigma in the realm of addiction recovery. With an unwavering belief in the power of mending spirits, he has steered his organization towards addressing the pressing issue of opiate addiction. within diverse communities. 

   Born in Somalia, raised in Ohio Mr. Afmeged has intimately witnessed the challenges faced by the Somali community. However, his impact transcends borders, as he has also extended his compassionate efforts to the Nepali, Hispanic, and African American communities in Columbus, Ohio.

    Mr. Afmeged intimately understands the obstacles that his community faces. Witnessing the destructive impact of opiate addiction on individuals and families, he embarked on a personal mission to bring about positive change. Fuelled by an indomitable spirit and an empathetic heart, he rallied a collective of like-minded leaders from both the community and the business sector to confront this challenge head-on. Mr. Afmeged has dedicated himself to addressing the lack of quality and effective programs for opiate addiction within these communities.

   Under Mr. Afmeged's visionary guidance, Vitality Health and Wellness Services, Inc. has blossomed into a beacon of hope and support for those seeking recovery. The organization's overarching mission revolves around creating accessible and innovative treatment options for opiate addiction, emphasizing the importance of group therapy, counseling, and holistic healing.

   Guided by this noble purpose, Mr. Afmeged and his dedicated team have cultivated a comprehensive array of services, placing accessibility and attainable recovery at the forefront. Continuously pushing the boundaries, they integrate cutting-edge research and technology to deliver effective treatment options that evolve with the ever-changing landscape of addiction recovery.

   Within the Columbus/Ohio greater community, Vitality Health and Wellness Services, Inc. has become synonymous with excellence and compassion. Trusted as a reliable resource, the organization takes pride in its holistic and culturally sensitive approach to opiate addiction recovery.

   Mr. Afmeged's leadership and unwavering dedication have transformed the lives of countless individuals and families affected by opiate addiction. His visionary spirit and resolute commitment to community wellness shape the future of Vitality Health and Wellness Services, Inc. (Vitality Public Health), ensuring that recovery from opiate addiction remains an attainable bridge for all to cross.

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